Nowadays, when the summer temperature is pleasant and you're looking for an appropriate soundtrack to go with it, your first thought would not be Ryan Paul Davis.  This singer/songwriter/guitar player, perhaps better described as melancholic person, is marketing his debut album "Soul's Tide".  This record leans toward the sounds of Robert Johnson, Dave Matthews and the Allman Brothers.  Intense and reflective, it is well suited for a slowly approaching evening when the kindling in the fireplace lights up.  There is a good chance that especially the calm reflective songs may bring a lump to your throat.  The typical slightly hoarse and whispering voice of Ryan Paul Davis grabs you.  A good example of that is the intense and moving song "Blue Clouds".  Still, there is more than just calm music.  The title track and songs "Engines Running" and "Rescue Me" have a much faster rhythm.  As a result, there is no shortage of variety on this record.  Davis's strong suit is his intense performance.  When he plays the calmer, more melancholic songs, such as "Fallen", he comes close to a Matthews-like performance.  However, we prefer Davis to tear up his guitar with a song like "Do Her Wrong" or to bounce through the studio like a maniac while playing the title track "Soul's Tide", a song with an appropriate title.  Before you realize it, his songs, which are a mix of roots, rock and blues, have passed you by.  Fortunately Davis touches the hearts of his listeners with his melancholic and tastefully arranged songs.  He buries his whispering voice into his music, which is loaded with ideas, sounds and different melodies.  On warm summer evenings, be ready to be moved by this renowned songwriter. 
-Freddy Celis, President, Rootstime, Belgium

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